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1. Devotion

Again; I never wanted any of this; Suspend; A certain sense of ignorance; And all I can do is give myself to you; Becoming something that I despise; And no matter where you are; I am never far behind;...

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2. Forever

look at me now, how i follow through; how can i go on? this happened once before; and so i went it on my own; and though my anger will cry out; and my life is not for nothing; though the angels scream...

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3. Spilling Blood

"Every living creature on Earth dies alone"; Stare with empty eyes; patiently I wait; aching for a sign; that I have been betrayed; We're all fighting to live here; survive the emptiness I know; becau...

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4. Vapor

"you are so far from home"; they turn me alone, not today; in you this void just goes away; in this distant foreign land; I won't be forgotten; complicated I know life's this way; and you're half the ...

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