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1. Black Identity Crisis

Awash in a sea of songless kids; Drifting aimlessly along their grey; Adrift in mists of silent thought; Vamped and vilified by fears of the dark; Liquified mind dreams only metaphor; Solidified iris ...

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2. Sordid Grim Lie

Damning eyes, infected lips; A rotting heart, a weary grip; Frail and ill, diminished will; Weeping Wound, personal hell; His eyes roll back dead to view the silver sky; And reflect up the sordid grim...

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3. The Silk-laden Whore

Feebly she fights to distinguish her name; To shroud what she turned out to be; A thin veil of jargon and insolence; And the fool is fooled again; Never will clarity bless her sight; We give the atten...

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4. The Spiders Sleep

Reek seeps through the window; Breathe, soon the night will fall; Creep 'cross the floor like a shadow; Weep, it's the least you deserve; Whisper, whisper on the air; Assist her as the fabric starts t...

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5. When The Birds Lie Dead

We abandon clemancy; Embracing our malevolence; Only when the birds lie dead; Will a smile return to this face; Trust given to you is ever misplaced; I perceive the negative in your parlance; I'd rath...

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