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1. All Is Lost

Just so bitter all the time; In the doorways; In the corners; In the lines; and I taste it because it's mine-; At least I know I'm not like you; At least I know I'm not like you; All the pieces fell t...

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2. Mary Vincent

She smiles; With the weight of the world, Inside; They are nothing like you- It's true; And I hope and pray; You won't be afraid, When the darkness comes around; We're not the only; Beaten and broke i...

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3. Prins Hendrik

I am; The mark on the wall; Where you fall; And I am; Inconsolable... So I sing this song for you; Where you lay; Down to sleep; Perhaps there's some relief; And at least you're; In a place of; Quiet ...

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4. Step Into The Light

Whenever the light shines; And the stillness is shaken; And the drug of your smile has gone; And left me alone; I need it bad; I need it now; Won't you come and give me some? I need it sweet, baby ple...

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5. Straight To Nowhere

Please just save your breathe; Save it for your ride home; Burnt- each and every step; Now you're on your own; Always going; Nowhere faster; Easy way to go... ; Straight to nowhere; Fated- one more ti...

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6. Tributary

Sea is rising; Running deeper; Takes me through the night; The jagged peace; The razer ease; Will bring you to the warmth; Of my light; Slowly sinking; Steals the tears; And never need the whys; Don't...

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7. Up In The Trees

This-; That we wait and hope and pray for; The belonging; The longing; It's coming, And I'm going; Don't worry; I'm sorry; Don't worry; I'm sorry... ; That-; Which is more than I could ever wish for; ...

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8. Wrong

She said; 'Don't wait for me long, Because I'm going; And when I will be back-; I don't know if I can...'; Is it a lost thing; or am I just wandering? Washed on the shore; And washed over again; Lead ...

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