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1. Answers

Stuck in this room motivations sunk deep; Outsides a called place; Yesterday's thoughts to keep; This world seems like miles away; So follow the joke of heresay; A moment in caution still we live for ...

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2. Everything And Everyone

She's never afraid of what her past had might become; Alone in her lazy time in-between a thought that ends with loss; Her life is spent searching for the next; An answer a question never asked; Every...

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3. Everything Can't Turn

It's time to realize; People have gone their separate ways; Years have passed now and things just aren't the same; I can think of a time when I was free; Never listened to the ones; Who said "Hold on ...

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4. Let Go

You see this time it goes by fast; The best things in life can't always last; So spend it right it might be your last time; To think to see what's wrong and right; To live to find what's deep inside; ...

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5. Now Rectify

Now all this time you had him going; Never a chance of him knowing; But the truth will always find a way; To shine through, and force only dismay; ; Your secrets lie inside; Your sea can't rise, in ti...

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6. October 10th

This is for my world; A slight goodbye to a girl; Life is short with each endless fall; A slight goodbye to a missed girl; You want it, you see it, you lost it and now it's found; Believe it now still...

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7. Seasons

Everything around me standing still; Down again and lost the will; So sick again the world cries; So you break the tears; And you wipe the times; Lost the words, leave the light on; Never found, still...

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8. Separated

She can't love you anymore; Coz you killed her once before; And everything that you trust; Separated; Soon your world starts to fall; Then all your luck you lost it all; Through this time you went you...

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9. The Game

Standing outside everything's alright; A smile on your face, her world shines tonight; Everyone he knows have lives that never grow; Feelings far from true left alone with a fairytale of you; She's no...

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10. The Gentle Art

All of the things I endured; And what others saw in you; I wonder how and why it took me so long; To realize all the wrong paths that you made me take; For your own benefit; Fuck this shit and what yo...

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11. This Bridge

Today with a thought so concerned all the friendships; you had you lost you always burned; This bridge is weakening in its time; And no one cares about your broken life; Or its unwritten line; So unwr...

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12. To All My Friends

To all my friends, our time, a gift of trust; And I remember the days and the memories are never enough; And I miss- I miss the times and the days we'd skate; The mornings the worst I still complain; ...

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13. Walk Away

Nothing seems to surprise me; You spent your life driving; Nothing seems to amuse me; She fell asleep crying today; Coz her life's lost and changed its ways; And through this time you lost a friend; A...

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14. What About Tomorrow

Is it my time already? Am I going to sleep only to never wake up? Are my dreams never coming true? What about tomorrow; And all of what I expected is it just going to fade away? What if the world stop...

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