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1. Eldjahilia

Summer 62 Land Released People Free And Satisfied Enemy Defeated State Sovereign Unjustice Banished Reign Of Peace Ending Seventies Sad Event 3rd World In Mourning The Great Man Died Snakes Risen Prob...

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2. Human Heat

Human heat; Glad and gay was his nest dearness foundness and affection infancy in quietness nothing matters no one's worried; Living in carelessneess innocent he made light of failure for sowing disco...

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3. Militant From The Dark

Militant from the dark; Listen to me people in the prime of life i'm the preacher of the divine claims i'm the sacred knight from the deep of the night for goodness' sake i slaught by the knife welcom...

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4. My Deceitful Illusion

My deceitful illusion; Let me tell you, you elected of my heart how much i love you, madly in love let me show you you my sweet and priceless pearl how much i'm devoted to you body and soul; Cause i c...

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5. Pathetic Words

Pathetic words; Swallow this load son of the bitch my slanging match that's so grim it will bring you wretched clot down by the neanderthalia's frightful blast; You thought you'd be able to control my...

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6. Power Abuse

Power abuse; Bow down before me you are an inability to protest the authority that's mine i've a right to hurt you i've a might to crushyou mighty lawyer i am to be in your property it's out of my mor...

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7. Rage By Hate

Rage by hate; Misfortune in everyday life for me is an agony who am i? what's my way? am i searchin' in vain the tunnel's tip that's still's away; Pre-chorus; Nothing's real no one's clear this terrib...

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