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1. Blustud

Walking the paths; Of urbanmaze; I've grown tough; With facts to face; I reached the hard ground; And much futher below; Giving out no damn sound; Of complaint with what i saw; I've been alone; A wolf...

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2. Cyberian Dance

Black red eyes; The dark pours out from the scars; With his invitation to the bloodthirsty dance; The psycho clown shivers in the delirious trance; Everything that belongs to you -dead; All things tha...

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3. Diamond

Ina heart crushed hard; A cold diamond is stuck still; Let me understand:; Who i am? what should i feel? The sense of existence, so grey; Got stuck in my past day; How long, please tell me; Will i sea...

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4. Lifeitis

He just want; To sleep for another day; Longing for jis mother's craing arms; He ended up where people pass away; Leaving behind no memories or names; In a place where tried rain cleans urba veins; Al...

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5. Muertos

Remember, and don't forget; It's a hard lonely ride; Once you get on the track; It fucking hurts inside; I'm cold deep inside; I squeeze the glass; Can't be a particle; Life won't just pass; Numb insi...

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6. Sickened

I must close my eyes; I won't speak again; Can't tell more lies; Nothing is the same; Don't need you fear; Don't want your help; I've been so weird; And always by myself; Can't stand it any more; Life...

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7. Vorpal

Wake up- give me my silver vorpal; Wake up- i pass away by the portal; Stand up- hearts the beats; Wake up- meet the beats; Wake up- bring me my silver vorpal; Wake up- make my fucking immortal; Stand...

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8. Wrathorn

Overwhelmed by dream of power; You cry of night and fear the day; Dreams lend you a strong identity; Reality will make you pay; Days blur into a year; What no one dares- you may; Just tray to pull thr...

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