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1. By Your Love

Verse: 1; Holding you last night; You never felt so far; Remember just the other day; What happened to our guiding star? Say your love will never die; Guess Ill put it to the test; Keep on holdin thro...

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2. Cocked & Loaded

Everyday I see your face'nowhere to hide. The time has come for me to win'; A shot of whiskey, a drink of wine. Unleash the anger deep inside; Chorus:; Cocked! and loaded! Cocked! and loaded! Cocked! ...

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3. Getaway

Verse: 1; Youre comin on like a hurricane, I turn to run but you jump my gun. Tricky girl with a cocaine nose, Don't wanna know how far youll go; So; Chorus:; Hey! Getaway! Your scene is growin old. H...

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4. Here For You Forever

Verse: 1; These growin pains inside of me, In the shade of blue. And the rain helps fill the pain of losin you. Once I saw you dry a tear; And wipe the pain from your eyes. Call your name but you neve...

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5. Intro To Hell (a New Beginning)

Welcome to a new beginning Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The night beckons black, and our demons attack. Crippled with fear Naughty Naughty is here. As the night turns to day, our demons stay and play. You ...

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6. Only a Dream

Verse: 1; Late last night I felt the dream callin in my sleep. See when I close my eyes and fall in deep; To me you creep. Feels so good it must be real; When say well be together. But the pain I feel...

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