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1. A Lonely October Night

Once again left the rider; With no clue where to do; Helpless and frustrated; He began to wander in woe; He wandered here and where; Without a place to go; Nights fell and days damned; Onwards he just...

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2. Chaos Without Theory

The children of banishment, souls overcast in abandon, with gaunt backs bowed in servitude; Let your fever grow in thine spirit awakening, life is but an interlude; The stubborn beast called flesh ali...

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3. Introduction

Dear friends, This evening I'll sing thee about a rider; Who for a long time ago; Rode across the lands; In search for the meaning of himself; And everything else on the Earth;

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4. Liquid Silent Dreams

There's a silence in this empty head that reaches the furthest corners; Til where my eyes can see there's utter emptiness and I'm crawling towards the border; Brooding gloom is everywhere, I'm mixing ...

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5. Sadoeroticart

The touch of rubber and clatter of chains, electric pulses from the brain, the ardour flowing; Through the nerves, a passage to eleventh heaven, pulses travel through chaotic seas; Painting the eyes w...

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6. Sethian Seal

"Wande in peace O Great Pharaoh to the land of Osiris in the west; No one will disturb your peace without punishment, the brotherhood will guard your rest"; Under the burning desert sun seven men shov...

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7. Skyfires Dance

Night fell upon the world; All there asleep but the rider; Birdsong echoed no more; Horizon bathed in fire; From behind the cloudwall they came; Myriad in numbers - the sky filled with flames; "Fires,...

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8. Sleep Eternal In Gothic Archways

Nocturnal mist falls down like the shroud of a ghost of centuries pass; I walk alone through the monuments of remembrance; This drizzle chills my bones as the sound of steps across my resting place; P...

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9. Song Of The Tide Waves

"Shadows are marching closer; The maiden in tower is getting old; Those years passed all of a sudden; The winds that blow are so cold; Autumn calls... ; Thy wings can't fly; These wings can't bear the...

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10. Sorrow's Shroud

Autumnal frost my long-missed friend, the snow kisses gentle and cold; I'll watch here alone as the centuries pass, frozen to mock at your world; I'm raising my colours against the sky, this sacred bo...

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11. Storming The Soothsayer

Three miles east he found a molten gate; Entered through it into the unknown in fear; Enchanted his horse carried him to his fate; Across moors not to walked for a hundred years; In a cave of the furt...

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12. The Dance From Beyond

When I lay down on my sheets and close my eyes; In sweat I wait for her to come and to enter my mind; Still one moment I always dive into sweet unconsciousness in the silence of the night... ; The ver...

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13. The Echo

Into an ancient valley; He rode alone; Where the winds forgot howled cold; And where no man dwelt; There lived the Echo; Hath been for ages before man; The rider and the stallion were still; Everythin...

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14. The Road Goes Ever On

A day of spring in ancient times; A rider so eager and proud; Riding the way the eagles fly; The road in misty shroud; In search for answers that must be there; To solve nature's mystiries; To find ou...

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15. The Two Oaks

The path to home seemed so strange; Fades trees in twilight; Many things he remembered has changed; New people stared him like a ghost; He rode across the village; To the last cottage's door; There he...

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16. Thelemite

A moonbeam peeks down from the tiny window to greet me trying to create some light in this lonely darkness; In these halls amongst the gothic images I dwell, created by artists living when I entered t...

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17. Towards The Sea

Through vast landscapes he rode; towards east; Until he felt the salty odour in his nose; The sound of waves come from far away; Under all thorns he found the rose; A moment later the infinity opened;...

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18. Vagabond's Dusk

Out of the misty forest; The rider came tired and dawncast; A chilly night was descending; The first snows fell forever it would last; Spirits of the woods they do remember; The rider who had wandered...

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