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1. A Treacherous Wish

Outside it's snowing in strange flakes; A deep black morning rises; Spectral dawn in the early hours crisis; Clockhands are stopped at five; As you first raise the cup; Mourn this void, I hate you to ...

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2. Astroblaster (dominion Of The Unknown)

Buried into the unknown; Is the secret of the aeons; Abomination, moving grand shades overtake, Destroy, erase the gloomy wide cold lake; Death awaits behind the maze; Unrest of Lucifer's domain; Unsa...

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3. Bedtime For Mercy

Hate is reborn of the flesh of the victim torn; Like a dead body parasite, an infamous worm; Night feeds on cold meat of saviours and fools; Like a jackal swoops down on its dead food; Silent I'm stal...

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4. By The Dawn Of The 13th

13th is the day of the carnival murder, The cannibal feast will rise and you know the meat will not be spared; 13th is the day that flesh will not be washed; 12 guests to satisfy the hunger of the uni...

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5. Conspiracy

A court suddenly awaken by sirens screams; Infecting hordes attack the king; The ugly virus in my realm; Stinking flesh swarm taints my sleep; A big red shape spreads like a coil; The Reaper's conques...

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6. Crypt Of Sexorcism

I've been lying on a marble bed, six feet beneath; I've been living a thousand deaths, a catatonic dream; You were the mistress of extreme pleasure; Sorceress with charmin' evil eyes; Resurrecting rit...

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7. Flatline

My whole existence is riding; The electric wave of a catatonic geen line. A rope that's tight and pulls me back to life. I'm trapped in a hell of gleaming cold steel; It keeps me alive awaiting the fl...

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8. House Of Festering

Years of challenging pain; Truly sickened my brain; I'm a human waste; Suffer, terminate; I'm in for the kill; A feeling of death; That's what is left; I'm rotting away; Preacher, I retch; By the hatr...

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9. Less Than Human

I come close to your bed; Your body is devoured by pain; No tears damp my eyes; I know you'll turn quickly dead; I'm a shameless mercenary, Unfair bringer of death; Foul, can't save my black soul; Com...

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10. Overblood

Overlaid, overwhelmed, overlong; Hacked to pieces, young lives dying grim; Wrists cut off, arteries spurt, drained to white; Paint it red, red rum, murder; Empty veins, plasma greed; Slashed to death,...

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11. Pyheretic

Cold season offerings warm up the carnefix soul; A pale sun inhaling heat on this misplaced ground; Winter frost cursed us through the flames cremating the flesh; Weeping dried tears, my jolly fun was...

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12. Sleep Dead

Desecrated, violated; Overtaken by nightfall; Thoughts bathed in oneiric dust; Widely sown by Morpheus the lord; Full of sand is the depth and you fall; Desecrated, violated; Invaded holy ground and v...

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