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1. Blind

A cathedral of rotten flesh; Raising the hands full of blood; Self-proclaimed holy majesty; Unique is their hypocrisy; Behind their smile they hide; The death and pain; Of a thousand lost children; Ou...

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2. Devils In The Dark

Dead in the end; Betrayed by all life; Away from my beloved friends; Pain cuts like a knife; They all died in the night; Cold and very cruel; Death walked proud; Has taken all their souls; Death walke...

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3. Heroic Destiny

See the light; Caught in the depth of dreams; Out of sight; The only impulse is a vision; Drifting in a world of dreams; Horror and madness can do me no harm; With the assurance of my mind; With the m...

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4. Mask Of Innocence

A mad game with sadistic rules; Giving her power over all the fools; Seeking shelter; Nowhere to hide; Run faster boy; Run for your life; Precious girl; Feeling a great desire; To touch her; And hold ...

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5. Mirror Of Souls

Falling far in space; To neverseen territories; Godforsaken and bleak; To find the final relief; Life`s full of myths of; Coincidence and destiny; Nothing matters anymore; To be is not to be; Take a f...

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6. Moonlightking

Every night he rises; To claim his throne of shadows; In the twilight of the moon; You see his dust of sorrows; Creatures of the darkest dreams; Under his command; They´re ancient ghosts of death; The...

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7. The Conspiracy

Daggers stabbed in my very body; 23 stitches each one of hatred; An ambush so cruel and cold-blooded; Murder and torture for our future; Your Republic won`t return; Chaos and Death is all you earn; Ne...

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