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1. God Forsaken Shore

Whenever you try to win and you lose; They say it's your choice but you can't choose; Whenever I'm not with you this loneliness ensues; And wherever I am walking I'm just loneliness in shoes; Oh lord ...

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2. Jungle Moon Ballad

You know how it feels, when you can't be alone; The space in your head feels like your own tomb; But you walk yeah you walk; The path that you cut is a cold hard dissection; Your words a reflection of...

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3. Mainline

A distant memory of long blonde hair; A sweet scent a whisper on the cool night air; You're gonna get away you're getting out of here; But don't go to the city cos you'll never last there; And it feel...

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4. Out of The Water

You're mine, it's fine, it's all up in my mind; This time, a line of the toilet, doesn't even phase you, your fine; It's time to resign, I'm out of my head yeah I'm out of the water; That's why I'm wa...

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