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1. Dedication

Ummi and Abi (Mother and Father); This one is for you; I know I'm speakin' kinda different; But the message shines through; Just like that after fajr sun; Felt commanded by the One; Shine a light on t...

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2. Deen You Know

I am the Deen you know; I am the Deen you need; I am the Deen you love; Please come back to me; He (satan) wants to bring you down, he whispers everyday; You started on the path and he led you astray;...

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3. Drug Free '05

I don't need to get high, some people do and some people die; The life that I live may not be that long; But while I'm alive I'll be healthy and strong; I think it's cruel and inconsiderate; When peop...

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4. For The Prophets

Asalaatu Alannabe, Wasalaam Alarasool; Walanbiyya el-Mursaleen, Kulluhum Salooalay; Prayers To Allah be on Nabi; The messenger may peace be on thee; And all the prophets sent to mankind; We pray for e...

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5. Intentions

Waking up in the morning, gotta make my prayer; Am I really gonna' make it, when there is no one there? Taking trips to the masjid (mosque), even when it's tough; Am I going for the sake of Allah? Am ...

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6. Looking Glass

I saw a friend just the other day; We took a walk around the way; The sky was blue and his face was grey; I asked him what could cause such dismay? He tallied his life and he noticed the score; He fel...

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7. Paradise

Paradise is only for the people who are righteous; So accept Islam you might just get the mercy when you pray to Allah (God); You know that we want to go to Heaven; When you pray to Allah, When you pr...

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8. Small Deeds

Ever been on a drive? Inside in your ride; And your looking through the glass, see a car on the side; The engine's broken and the car is smoking; And the dude is shaking cause the heat is baking; Or t...

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