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1. Allison

Here I am, standing on top of your line, wasting time in your eyes, I can hear you say dont cross that line (stand behind). ; And it all comes down to this, if we seperate, so we end with one last kis...

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2. By All Means

The restraints of action; They call out to me and ask, How do you know? The places we worship; Were silenced to never remember; Retrace and let it go, I tell myself that we'll never remember; Embrace ...

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3. Collision

"Don't call me back," you said; "I won't answer from that number anymore"; Or at least until my will runs out; Then we're back in the same place; Racing down the same road once again; This wasn't supp...

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4. Explode

I leave no trace behind; And I won't say a thing, anything; I take my things and go; And i'll make sure to close the doors behind me; I'm desperately walking away so you'll know; I'm not coming back e...

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5. Harbor

Harbor; You're starting to see it; You can't avoid the feeling; You're leaving without me; Here right before you go; Believing isn't seeing; You need to stop you're breathing; Open up your heart and m...

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6. Love Me

Love Me; Oh, the moon burns tonight; Like a thousand staring eyes directed towards mine; Bend and break with the light; As we rise one last time; So don't say you dont care when you know that I do; Wr...

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7. Medicated

I lie awake for days on end. Black satin above and nice blood red sheets. I've tried, but to no success can I close my eyes; and get some rest; And you said, "It'll be alright, if you just learn to cl...

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8. November Night

The wind dead in whispers; Shattered thoughts with your name inside of them; And the wind, it whistles; Secretly asking you to find out; And they call you out while you know; They declined to scream o...

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9. Paper And Ink

Paper And Ink; Dress warm, the summer's gone; These walls exhausted; This swim I take; I may need a rescue; Triumphant; Shimmering signals cry; And this water is so cold; Blend like paper and ink; My ...

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10. Quay

"Don't you walk. Run." she said; We live in a drinking town with a big football problem; Cry out loud, shake it down; I'll be in pieces before night is done; I am calm, yet shattered like a broken win...

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11. Runaway

Burning like a freight train, (burning down my heart), Igniting deep within, (yah you do), I can't stop these feelings, (burning down my heart); Coming out of me, (yah you do), ; [Chorus:]; You don't ...

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12. Sad Excuse

Let's get it right, before the hand hits 12 tonight; Cause I can see in your eyes, you trip on every word; (it's a lie, it's a lie); And tonight, while there's still time left, and you said everything...

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13. Sean Song

Glimmering in the darkness as shadows walk past; The rain falls next to me, and I am blinded; Running from my emotions your words they cut deep; It's late and past my time, it leaves you blinded; GO! ...

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14. Where do You Go

Where Do You Go; Staring again at the ceiling; And I'm watching you walk away; Watered eyes, shallow breathing; I don't think that it's right; To wonder what's been going on without you; And what's ne...

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