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1. Ante Morte

In my dreams I do what the fuck I want; go to places which don’t awake my hiding nature; it’s better feeling than this, there’s no windows barred; place with no shades, there my soul has no scars; dis...

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2. Corrosion Of Humanity

What do you want from me; Who do you want me to me; Ain't nothing ever enough; Please why won't you stop; Like an itch inside me; How I scratch it never leaves; Yes I am addicted to you I keep falling...

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3. Deathwish

when i burn, do i bleed? my eyes might boil, what would I see? maybe my future, perhaps my past; senseless curiosity made me a loser; MESSAGE came beyond the grave; CHANCE to see all the world; A DEAL...

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4. Determination

You forget to say something? Is there something else to whine about; Are you looking for some compassion; Don't let the door hit you on your way out; If you think you have problems; Son you ain't seen...

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5. Falling To Pieces

Lies! How much more lies? You tell them with flashing eyes; If you could see what I can see. See what I can see; See! You think you belong into a place; A place where you're high above the rest; A pla...

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6. Hell To Pay

This is the end of everything; Everything that there ever was; Low self esteem is no excuse; You were destined to lose; There was a time when we were friends; Now even the thought just offends; How ma...

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7. Iron Horse (terorizer)

Another wasted life; Innocent child has to die; Another empty oil well; Another market has Fell; Another broken home; Weak must fight against the unknown; Another innocent one; Rotting on a way straig...

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8. Lucy

It’s time to tell a tale; There was a girl who lived in south; and she had a terrible disease; she knew it would only take a year or two; she needed help but from who; she met a woman called Lucy Fur;...

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9. Nothing But Anger

I´ve had enough of all your broken promises; I´ve had enough of being treated like an imbecile; One word too many can drive me out of my mind; One word and I might forget what's wrong and what's right...

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10. Pain Of Pleasure

strange looking cube, terrible urge to twist; change my life; earn couple of extra bucks; ripping pain locking me with chains; changing my life to new direction; the game I shouldn’t play; the pain of...

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11. Sleep At The Wheel

Cold road ahead; Night wraps me in; Weak. I feel so weak; Eyes are bloody red; God don't let me sleep at the wheel; First Chorus:; You set it off (set it off); Hope the noise will wake you; There's no...

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12. Sunrise

I don’t know what I’m doing here; Why did they have to take me; I don’t see any action around; Just a green horizon ahead; Suicide; The Sun rising; It was just another afternoon; The shadows were evil...

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13. The Undertaker

Solo:Jukka; Jump when they ask you to; Always kneel learn how to crawl; Take one deep in your ass; Beg for mercy settle for scrabs; When they tell you are second rate; You accept it with a pat in your...

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