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1. Diptheria

The road to hell is paved with chocolate treats, and candy corn is sown at the side of the streets. Every morsel promises to make you satisfied, but every wrapper carries another lie. The road to hell...

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2. Last Train To Cool

3 chords, yeah they're yours, we stole them from your bottom drawer. 16 strings or something, yeah, don't listen, 'cause we stole everything. Yeah, it's true, we got it from you, don't worry man, ther...

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3. N-sub Ulysses

I'm not talking about a Beatle's song, written 100 years before I was born. 100 flowers bloom, 100 schools of thought contend, c'mon baby, let's hang around, they're talking about the round and round,...

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4. The Sound Of Jazz To Come

There is only one nation of ulysses: the seriously unserious, Reverently irreverent, amoral moralists whose iconoclastic assault; On the received pieties of america; Place them in the front ranks of s...

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