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1. Ancona

Tramping down the flattened wires/stoney veins and city lights around my head/ancona what a haven found/fall descending/wrapping round my tired soul/i feel as if you understand/ your apron and your pr...

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2. Better Off

missionary fuck-up; cosmic disappointment; beauty; the only one to reach out; was an understatement; like you; and he had nothing left to give; nothing left to say; but you're better off baby; you're ...

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3. My Whole Damn Life

i stayed up too late last night - had one too many cigarettes; and when i finally fell asleep - between the sheets; i dreamed that you came to me; put your arms around my waist; and smiled sweetly up ...

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4. You Built A Line

Look at you; Bent on changing; You won't stop until you're done; I am not fond of waiting; But i have learned; To hold my tongue; Falling leaves; Autumn paintings; All the things; You've left behind; ...

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