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1. Cry To Me

When your baby leaves you all alone; And nobody calls you on the phone; Don't ya feel like cryin', don't ya feel like cryin'; Well, here I am honey, c'mon, you cry to me; When you're all alone in your...

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2. Groove Christmas

Christmas day is nearly here; And the air is filled with christmas cheer; It won't be long till santa's on his way; So let's celebrate the christmas cheer; Lift your feet and come over here; Take my h...

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3. Hi-5 Medley

Hide your eyes and count to ten; Ready or not - I'm gonna find you again; And again and again and again; L. O. V. E. I love you and you love me; L. O. V. E. That's the way it's meant to be; L. O. V. E...

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4. Right Here Waiting For You

Oceans apart day after day; And I slowly go insane; I hear your voice on the line; But it doesn't stop the pain; If I see you next to never; How can we say forever; Wherever you go; Whatever you do; I...

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