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1. Ashes

Now this is genocide; The monster inside; The voices in your head; They're telling you to; Wash away; The crimson stains; To leave us all for dead; I know a way that you can cut every last tie; The fr...

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2. Believe In Myself

Believe in myself; And my dream this world; It will never end; I'll chase it; I'll speed up! Speed up! I'm running faster; Chasing what's in front of me; Now I'll just believe in myself; You light my ...

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3. Blank Page

Nice to meet you God of death; Shinigami appear before me; Wanna cleanses this world of sin; Hands me a book and I think; Oh my God, what is this page? I'll make this earth a better place; I'll bring ...

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4. Clattanoia

Can someone give me the answer; To my question; Where's my soul? It's like a virus in my body; While I'm dreaming; When I wake up all; That's left of me are bones; I'm in a panic! get out hurry; Oh th...

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5. Dawn Of The Third Day

Now will you take me along; When you fly away and play your song; Because 7 years is far too long; I know she knows she gives me everything; Gives me courage, give me wisdom, gives me strength; For he...

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6. Enjoy The Show

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Gather 'round, gather 'round! Sit back, relax, and please; Stay in your seats; Kick your feet up and grab some popcorn! Oh, and of course; Lest we not forget; Enj...

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7. Haunted and Unwanted

Am I insane? Chasing demons in my brain; Are they to blame; Or are they victims from another save? I might've made; I might've made a grave mistake; It's not okay; I'm using up the time you gained; He...

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8. Hold On To You

I've done my best to look inside; But I've found nothing; No shame, no pride; I need something to hang on to; I miss when you were here by my side; They dress you up; To fit the part; Believe that you...

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9. Home

Was it you? Or was it me? Is this a nightmare; Or just a dream? I've lost my mind; I've lost myself; Am I at home; Or am I in hell? I'm in my room; They're by my side; My little monsters they try to h...

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10. In My World

Dark side in my heart is; It's something that can never ever be wiped away; I don't care no I don't give a damn; I give it my all with my own two hands; The path I avoided deep within; Is looking like...

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11. Introduction

[Compilation of old Natewantstobattle songs]; [Spoken Word]; So this is what you want, hmm? So be it

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12. Let Me Try

You and I, we both know well; I couldn't do this by myself; And every day it's all the same; You picked me up when down I fell; But I'm still standing through and through; I know exactly what to do; I...

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13. Misty

First saw you at cerulean gym, just out a rocky tunnel; It was the way you laugh and the way that you swim; I knew that you'd be trouble; You made such a big splash, big crash; You'll be my tidal wave...

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14. Nightmare

Just sleep, just dream; Just sleep, just dream; Just sleep, just dream; In the back of my mind, I've been trying to chase; A monster this whole time; But I couldn't see, the monster was me; And no one...

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15. No More

You can break down my lights; And my doors; But I won't let you back in; No more, no more; I'm sick of getting stuck; In the same routine, again; Five nights, It shouldn't seem so long; But it takes f...

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16. Perfect By Design

Unplug the clock, I'm running out of time; I'm tired of everything that I called mine; I'm sick of trying to find a word that works; An ocean filled with photographs and names; I hang them on my wall ...

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17. Sign

I realize the screaming pain; I hear it loud in my brain; But I'm going straight ahead with these scars; Tell me I should just get over it; Why am I not moving on; So I tried to cover up my broken bru...

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18. Training Hard

Ramos's fight, he was whipping vines; Swinging all through coumarine; Lumiose's flashing lights; Grounded clemont's electric types; Wulfric's abomasnow; Whole team left me feeling cold; Tm13 for me to...

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19. Twisted

You climb and then you make your way in; Inside you know that I'll be waiting; First crawl to see if you can make it; They say that you're the one with what it; Takes to brave this world of darkness; ...

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