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1. All About You

I talk about the day; You walked into my life and took the shame away; I talk about your love; It's more than I could dream of; I talk about; Your face; And when I get to see it for eternity; I talk a...

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2. Beautiful Surprise

Maybe no one ever told you; Was anybody there to hold you; I can see you've lost your confidence; But from where I stand you're perfect that makes no sense; I tell you you're amazing; And I tell you t...

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3. Holy Spirit

more than just a moment in history; more than just an experience that i seek; yours is a friendship that lasts forever; and everyday i hear you speak; mysteries revealed each day; hidden treasures fou...

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4. Inside Out

Friday night we're going out; Knocking on the door I'm at your house; You open up and say that you're not even ready at all; You run up stairs to paint your toes; Then you trip and fall and you rip yo...

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5. It's About Time

So you say you wanna stay at home; Another night in your comfort zone; I know it's easy to get caught up in the same routine; So many things that you avoid; But you don't have to be paranoid; Your hea...

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6. Lead Us

Under the street lights; The rain's coming down; There's no one out tonight; I'm walking around alone; 'Cause it's quiet here; I'm just trying to think; Are you real; Out here on the street; Jesus; Co...

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7. Never Again... Again

It was the fiftieth time; I told you goodbye; And I swore it was the last time; But then the phone rang twice; I was running right back so fast; And now I'm here at your door; Askin' for more; Like a ...

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8. Save Me

Broken; And fighting with myself; Looking for the answers; In the eyes of someone else; Crowded; But I feel all alone; Stranded on this highway; Trying to find my way; Back home; Please tell me the mo...

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9. What Are We Waiting For

Small town in the USA; Hangin' out in the one BK; Every day every week's the same; Football games and everyone knows your name; Weekend no place to go; So we cruise in the 5.0; Got the tunes on the ra...

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10. Whatever It Takes

Who was to try to live without you; Thinking I could do things my own way; Lord I know that I should never doubt you; I get so lost and lonely when I stray; Now it's time to; Surrender to you; 'Cause ...

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11. Without You

I've got a black cat walking across my path; And big red monkey that's on my back; And every time I try to run I fall off the track; Seems that since we parted ways everything's gone bad; And now my h...

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