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1. Naked

You say it's not your fight; And I'm the best thing in your life; And that scares me so; Cos I'm in control (Oh); There's no care if I do you right; And who knows where I'll go tonight; But it doesn't...

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2. Owe It To You

If I tell you I'm sorry again; Would you leave me now; Not believing it's just a friend; So you toss the blame around; If I told you the way It is; You wouldn't make a sound; Coz I can't not think 'bo...

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3. Perfume

Cool myself down, let myself breathe; You gave me a sign and you made me believe; You got me lost, living a dream; It won't be long 'till we rip at the seams; It's crazy to think you got the best of m...

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4. This Feeling

So here we go when I'm out of control; Play the conventional role; That way there'd never be a bad day; Intertwined after long divine; And now you're here by my side; You know you still got a long way...

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5. Yesterday

Moving straight; Never fall; I've been down that road before; I came back but still want more; Basic slip; To your gun; Made me think I was the one; Silly trip but now I'm down; And it fades so clearl...

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