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1. 1000 Stars

I'm Breathing; In Pieces; Just Tasting; The Feeling; All Open; Suggestions, Unspoken Within; And It Takes Me To Another Place; The Universe, The Endless Space Above, Above; And The World Is Like A Mir...

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2. Alive

Alive, alive, alive, alive; Never thought the day would come when I'd see; My reflection smiling right back at me; It's been a while since I've been happy; Not sure, that I'm ready; I never planned on...

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3. All We Have

Can’t help but feel amazing; The way the beats are banging; I feel the rhythm in my system; And I’m not complaining; The bass fills up my body; Keep playing, please don’t stop it; I’m a dance freak, d...

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4. Catch Me If You Can

1234; Here she comes again; Goddess to all men; Working undercover; She's gonna get you in the end; How far you gonna go; Take a chance or you'll never know; On this mission there's one condition; You...

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5. In His Eyes

I cant imagine losing the world; After spending a lifetime together; Im sure its not easy facing the dark; I wish I could make you feel better; It doesn’t seem fair and it doesn’t seem right; Your not...

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6. Love Like This

I wasn't looking for the answer; You whisper my name, my hearts beating faster; A thousand butterflies and I still can't believe it; A love like this, never had a love like this; I can't fight this fe...

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7. Not For You

Knocked down, unappreciated; Day is losing grip on the light; And everywhere I turn there is night; Locked out and confused I waited; I saw but never opened my eyes; Alone together blinded by lies; An...

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8. Someday Soon

Someday soon you're gonna catch that dream you've been chasing; Someday Soon; Someday Soon; Someday Soon; Someday Soon; Out there in the air tonight; It's electric, it's alive; Suddenly you can see ri...

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9. Why do I

This is not me at all; I used to be so much stronger; Here I am holding on; When there's nothing to hold onto, now; I've tried to understand, It's not making sense; If you don't want to be here tonigh...

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