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1. Even

Even when you told me; That I was a fool; I believed that this love; Could break all the rules; And even when you told me; That I got it wrong; When I said what we have; Is fragile yet strong; Now tha...

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2. Heartbreaker

I've got to say it and it's hard for me; You got me crying like I thought; I would never be; Love is believing but you let me down; How can I love you; When you ain't around; And I get to the mouring;...

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3. How The Story Goes

Hush hush baby; Don't say anything; Hush hush darling; Let the silence speak; You can lie; But your eyes won't lie; Everything is so clear right now; See someone else; Has moved into your heart; Babe;...

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4. I Wanna Know

you're making be better; you're making me stronger; I feel so important; a queen to your king; ; you're taking me higher; you're making me wiser; and it doesn't matter; what tomorrow will bring; pre c...

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5. Never Loved

now when you're gone; I look through my memory; still hear your voice; you are very close to me; 2. I love those days; and I wanna have them back; forget we're sad; let our hearts remember that; pre c...

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6. Perfect Harmony

When I was a little girl; In my cosy little wonderland; Didn't know why it always seemed; That the princess should wait; And I tried to imagine how; I could be sure; That ( the ) arrow that may strike...

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7. Please Tell Me Daddy

Who's selling new dresses from shells; What spiders are living in grass; Does every princess have a palace; Which is made out of glass; Why once I am brownie with malice; And later I'm timid and shy; ...

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8. We'll Be Together

Every day I keep on groovi'n; Still I'm thinking of; Of a way not to be moovi'n; Spend my life by being on the road; But I still can't find a place; Where I could go; I keep on trying; To find a way; ...

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9. Woman In Love

Over and over; Over and over; Over and over again; Life is a moment in space; When the dream is gone it's a lonelier place; I kiss the morning goodbye; But down inside you know we never know why; The ...

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