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1. Don’t Go Away

I can see today that everything is ok; But I don’t know if my heart will stay this way; If you go away who will stay by my side? I am feeling pretty good in this instant; I won’t forget anything you s...

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2. Don’t Miss That Girl

Look the way she talks; She has a pretty face (yeah, yeah); Look the way she laughs; She wants to have a case (with you); So try to see in her eyes; When you look at her in the break time; See beyond ...

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3. Going Under

What happened to me I, closed my eyes; I couldn’t see what the world is like; What could I do, you were in my way; Now bye bye I want your poison to stay far away; It wasn’t what I wanted, It wasn’t w...

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4. Hear Your Voice

I know the distance is hard; I know it’s difficult to live apart; But I can’t; Make this with my heart; During the day my mind is away from you; But in my dreams you come and make it all seems true; A...

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5. Insecure

I’m waking up, with feelings too deep; I can hardly breathe; Feeling so small , alone in the world; I am so incomplete; Why am I just so afraid? Afraid of the world, afraid of mistakes; Why am I so in...

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6. Not An Independent Girl

Every time I look at you, I feel nervous; I can’t control my heart, you drive me crazy; And every time you come around I don’t know what to say; I lose the words, I lose my mind, I lose my way; And wh...

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7. Strong

La la la, yeah yeah; La la la; Have you ever closed your eyes and felt so in the dark, Without strength to restart? Have you ever felt so strange with the light that blind your eyes? Just can’t let yo...

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8. Superstar

Look at some of my dreams; Touch the sky , go into the sea, see the sun shine; And open people’s eyes; I wish all believed in God, I wish that I could fly; I can dance all night, sing in the bath, stu...

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9. Tears and Fears

I think that life can be better; You just have to want it; I think that miracles happen; You just have to worth it; Go ahead, Forget the pain; Make a happy day with your own way; Wipe your tears, turn...

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10. Too Bad

I wake up today trying to live a good day; I don’t know if it’ s possible; I want to get my dreams and try to find the meaning; to the words that people say; I scream every morning but nobody hears me...

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11. Tudo Vai Mudar

Será que tem comparação da vida com os favos de mel? Será que existe ligação entre o azul do oceano e o azul do céu? Será que tudo isso é em vão e a vida simplesmente passa como o vento? Será que exis...

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12. Until i Left You

I know that in so many times; we will be together; And when it happens; We’ll have more fun than ever; Yeah it’s pretty hard to stay so far from who we love; And for the ones I love, I want to say som...

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