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1. Até o Chão

Perde a linha agora vem e encaixa; Me pega, me abusa e me toca; Aproveita, vem me encara; Fim de semana voce não escapa; Sei que tambem gosta quando chego abusada; Não da mole vem que eu to ligada; Ag...

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2. Bad Girl

Top of the line; And everyone should know It; Blowing your mind; And watching the explosion; I get what I want; Everytime; Everyone; Get, out of My Way; Front of the line; They'll never keep me waitin...

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3. Call Me Bitch

I know you love me; I feel your soul; You think you know me; But that's just what I show; I can be sweet; I'm hot or cold; Today I love you; But tomorrow I don't know; You tried to change who I am; Yo...

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4. Can't Be Without You

I feel so lost; dancing alone; To our tune; None of them here; Touch me the way; That you do; They just don't know where I'm coming from; They're vibe just aint the one I'm jumping on; They just don't...

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5. Feelin' The Love

Feelin' the love; that I gave to you; I was feelin' the love; don't you know that it's true; feelin' the love; I used to hold on to; now what? ohhh.. ; I used to know; who I was talking to; I used to ...

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6. For Real

I wanna leave this place; I know that I need some time off; But maybe it's not here I should be; I'll go before it's late; I'm just saying hi to a friend; And then I'm leaving for a place that suits m...

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7. It's Over

I'm saying it's over; There's nothing you can say; I threw your stuff on the street; I don't want us to meet; Don't come back to this place; I'm saying it's over; Don't wanna see your face; You can cr...

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8. Magic

Dont know what you do to me (to me to me to me); I don't sleep at night I can't rest; I'm finding it hard to pretend; That you don't affect me; I'm seeing your face where it's not; That abacadabra you...

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9. On The Floor

Set your body free I know you wanna; C'mon Let it go lemme see; Ven conmigo ven y danza; Cuz tonight you know your body is only mine; I know that you love it; Papacito you're so fine; I don't care it'...

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10. One More Chance

I guess I lost my mind; I've messed up everything; Baby no one will ever mean what you mean to me; I guess I'm just a fool; I shouldn't let you go; Baby I swear I'll make you believe in my love; Cause...

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11. Pisces (Tommy Love Feat. Natalia Damini)

Music; I Got the music; Close your eyes and let it go; Release your body and mind; Just feel it, the music; Your sensitive, creative... In your dreams, fantasy, ilusion... ; Just feel the music... Jus...

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12. Your Lies

All the time it was a lie; I was so dumb, dumb! Oh really dumb, dumb! How could I be so blind; I saw enough, enough! It was enough, enough! Now the love is breaking away; There's no reason to stay; So...

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