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1. Fire On The People

My head's on fire; Can't even speak right! It's cocktailnight tonight! Gonna sip some molotov! Spitting fire on you fucks! The party of our life!

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2. Ice Age

Its ice age motherfuckers but no cuteanimals 'n stuff; No movie or story real horror cold asfuck cold! So listen up as the love stops; Loving the heart stops beating; Shit starts working, cold minded;...

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3. Independance Day

Independence day burn the population! Non human race victims of degradation! Years of research brought the ships; millions loaded of human disease! Alf is the enemy! We are the careless; exploring, ex...

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4. Just Kind

You're causing trouble where there is none! Coming after me like a rat for food! The fact I'm not your kind shakes your head like a shaker! I'm the dick in your ass! Prepare to meet your maker! Yo dud...

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5. Justice

Wanna fight for justice, this is what you get! Fucked up trouble with corrupt society! Your mind gets fucked, you feel the pain! You fought for the sun; But you became black rain! Who has the spirit t...

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