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1. Cruisin'

I clock out, aint but a quarter to noon; We get down, we aint got nothin' better to do; My windows rolled down, cause we're setting out minds on fire; Music turned up, couldn't really get much higher;...

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2. Don't Bring Me Down

It don't take a whole lot; To satisfy me; Good times and wild wild women; That's all I need; You can call me crazy; You can say that I'm a fool; You can say just what you like now; But then what I'll ...

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3. Goodbye

Days go by and seasons change; This dead end town it still stays the same; This aint the way, I wan't to live; I feel I've got so much more to give; Someday, we're gonna pack our bags and leave; One d...

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4. Hip Shakin' Fox

She's got fire in her eyes; And lips like dynamite; She'll be the cause of my demise; And girl that's quite alright; So come on and get on the ride up all night; I'll keep ya satisfied; Shes a heart b...

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5. Love Wont Wait

Im so addicted, I cant deny; Your love was my a drug baby and it got me high; I gave you my fire and my affection; But in return all I got was an intervention. ; Its just about time, to dig a new grav...

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6. Money Hungry

Verse 1:; Well they say, That money, Cant buy me happiness well id like to have a try. See how big, Im grinnin, Once my wallets nice n fat and the dollars are piled high. ; Pre chorus:; You can buy me...

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7. Saturday Night

Uh, woah oh! I'm through the door and the music is playing loud; Can barely move with all these girls around; Uh, woah yeah; The drinks are flowing and my mind it was in a haze; Me and the boys out to...

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8. Silver Bullets

I caught the itch when I was, back in school; I heard some punks talkin' bout how to be cool; So I came down to the scene tryin' to fit in; I met the devil in a bottle of gin; Just a taste was, all it...

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9. Strut Your Stuff

Just 18 and out on her own; Daddy was back in the can; She ain't got no money, was-a lookin' for work; Till' she met that sharp dressed man; He said "hey kitty kitty, lookin real pretty; Won't you com...

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