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1. Better Run

We could chill under the warmest covers; And be nothing but the coldest lovers; All my blood is turnin' blue, it's stopped rushin'; Are you okay? The closer we get, the more I get scared for you; The ...

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2. Brain Soup

N-A-S-T-Y; C-H-E-double R-Y; N-A-S-T-Y; I'm tasty like a cherry pie; I see you touching me; You're gonna leave a mark, no fantasy; I feel you watching me; I think I'm gonna need a new battery; I screa...

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3. Cardamom December

Diving into steamin' waters; I'm never comin' up for air under the rumblin' form; Turnin' green and gettin' older; And missin' out on what I was told my life would be about; 3 Am insecurities; My conf...

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4. Fuck Modern Love

I always thought good things came in threes; But two was bad enough for me; Rev it up, replace the memories of my baby in the backseat; Yeah, I started and I make you want to stay; Pick you apart and ...

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5. I Am King

Wake up and remind myself I'm the fucking king; In the distance nobody can give me what I need; Steaming up when I'm in the car; I'm vibing out when I'm in the dark; Always wanna fall apart a hundred ...

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6. Just the Way You Like It

You didn't wanna believe the hype, but you sucked it dry; Saw our asses before we testified; Here we are, and it's ride or die; 'Cause we've got the secret, it's potion number nine; We're coming for y...

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7. Live Forever

My life's too rock to roll; Everybody thinks that I've lost control; But how it feels to take 'em all; Gotta pop pills like birth control; Stop, I'll lock and load; Never been known to do what I'm tol...

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8. Music With Your Dad

"Don't stay up too late, baby" (No!); It's really not that bad (It's really not that bad); I'm just in the garage making music with your dad; Don't stay up too late, baby (No!); It's really not that b...

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9. Shoulda Known Better

X marks the spot where our love lands; Told him to keep diggin' on; In the wet sands; Can you tell me what you want? 'Cause you got me fuckin' up; You're an emotional architect; But I'll never underst...

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10. Win

I'm such a psycho, got violent eyes; I'll make it rain down, electric skies; I tell you secrets, I tell you lies; You think I'm broken on the inside; I need to, I need to; I need to breathe in and the...

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