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1. Awtr

Here I am again; Deep in this fucking shit; I put my faith in you; Got nothing in change; I tried my best this time; You know I'm right; Anything doesn't make sense; ; Chorus:; I guess It's 'Cause I'm...

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2. Beaver

She needs sometime to figure out her mind; Shes says "nobody wants me"; She says "I'm all alone"; Rejection; Afraid of being alone; I guess she's wrong; ; Chorus:; It's time to forget the past; Don't ...

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3. Bedroom

In this place you can be yourself; You don't have to be someone else; It's okay If you don't look the same; It's alright they won't think you're strange; There's no steps to follow not at all; ; Choru...

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4. Brazzers

Locked in my room; Sat In front of the screen; Looking at you, trying not to think; Keep wishing, keep doing; The same thing again; It's gettin' hard; Gotta release this pain; ; Chorus:; Don't bother ...

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5. Clits On Fire

It's not right, It's gotta change; But she's not the one to blame; They try to make it works, nothing seems to work at all; In the end it doesn't matter they should break up once for all; All her frie...

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6. Find A Way

You don't have to run away; You can find a way to solve your problems; Just don't lose control; If everyone complaints about you all the time; Don't be afraid of them or they could steal your mind; A ...

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7. It Don't Matter

There are so many reasons, I don't want you back; You've thrown it all away like a garbage bag; Waste of time, time to waste, telling white lies; It's worthless, I don't care, I'm hurt inside; You say...

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8. Squirting Queen

She's the queen of getting wasted; She loves trouble; She likes to make out with other girls (other girls); Just to get some more attention; ; Chorus:; She's not afraid of getting high; She's gonna ta...

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9. Stfu

I'm just doing nothing, I'm wasting my time; That's what my mom and my dad keep saying to me; They don't understand why, I'm awake 'till this time; Trying some melodies thinkin' up; Doin' this right; ...

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10. Super Chicken

It's so damn late; Tonight I don't know what to do (I don't know what to do); I did my best tried hard; It sucks, I don't wanna argue; What is this all about; Don't yell, you're out of your mind; 'Cau...

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11. Time To Go

Trying; I keep on trying; To do what I want; Living my dreams; Easy; It's not that easy; Hearing from people; "You should give up"; ; Chorus:; Don't you believe in what they say to you (Say to you); I...

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12. Unlucky Day

Wrong place; Exactly at the wrong time; Trying to watch boring classes there I was; I felt things bustin' into flames inside o' me; After a couple o' minutes I was sweating like a pig; So dizzy I coul...

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13. Wtf

(I don't know what's happening); (I don't know what's happening); 6 in the morning here I'm sitting on my bed; Figuring out those fuckin' problems in my head; The TV is on, but It's not distracting; M...

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