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1. Breakdown

You say you wanna go home; But you don't know where it is; So let's drive; You are always out of control; All alone; You start to breakdown; And cry; You can't break me down; You started wondering why...

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2. Freeze My Life

Angel please freeze my life; Do it now and don't ask me why; You taste so good I'm terrified; Angel please freeze my life; Freeze my life; Have I told you; Lately that I love you? Cause the photograph...

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3. Livin' For Livin

Someday; Anyway I can; Livin for livin; I've got to understand; Somehow; I let it roll and play; Sun always shining; We never had to pay; All the pieces of me; Are fallin down; When you are not around...

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4. Show Me Heaven

Show me heaven; That's what i need; You got something i need; I got something you want; Let's put together; No prejudice; I feel so alone; Waitin for so long; If you feel like, go; Don't forget about ...

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