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1. Compound Of Evil

Armed with your scripture, you’re trying to ruin this world. But, it’s not sufficient therefore you wander with weapons. Then, you enforce fear in those minds of the helpless beings. And once again, t...

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2. Dehumanized Horde

Still unchanged since beginning; The birth of the “Devil” without purpose; Only had created battlefields; Nothing makes sense in that damned religion; Fighting for land, lusting for women; Their minds...

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3. Holy Slaughter

The day had become night by the blackened clouds. The stench of innocent death filled the smoke filled air. Thousands of pagans were set ablaze alive. Still there are precious lives to be slaughtered ...

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4. Jai Bharath!

Aryavarta was the land of the noble. Bharat! Where the Vedas were revealed. Hindusthan! The home of Maharishis. It was the land of Sattva! But, what’s India now? Never like before. Filled with unreaso...

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5. Kashmir

It was a place where peace hovered; Mother Nature at her very best; Security in the minds of the innocent; Maybe, it never meant to last; When…. The bullets went astray; Bomb blasts everywhere; Killin...

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6. Narasimha

From a stone He arrived as the Avatar of Lord Vishnu. With a body of a human and the head of the mighty lion. Here He comes with the divine purpose to destroy Adharma. ; Fearsome, almighty! His eyes g...

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7. Perpetual, Assimilation, Prevarication

I choose not to dwell in obscurity; Unknown truths within the society; I will never bend to plans that bury me…; There is oppression within the nation; But those who unveil are quickly silenced; One d...

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8. Preach Your Death

Man made religions preaching blatant lies to the masses; A crooked system that ‘ensure’ them a heaven; ‘where is heaven?’ if that question arises; You stare stupidly at the space; Knocking the doors o...

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9. When Darkness Truimphs

Yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya; Glaanir bhavati Bhaarata; Abhyutthaanam adharmasya; Tad’aatmaanam srjaamy aham; Paritraanaaya saadhoonaam; Vinaashaaya ca dushkrtaam; Dharma-samsthaapan’aarthaaya; Sambhavaam...

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