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1. Angels Walk The Earth

From the cold darkness of night; A wounded Angel came to me; Her wings are broken, her spirit's pierced; Her smooth, bronze skin is scarred I see; But one day she'll be free again; A wish that burns i...

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2. Darkness

In a cold room, where time stands still; Sleeps a frozen soul, a misshapen thing; Tiny spears of sunlight broke through the darkness; And impaled the eyes of this strange being; He awakes from his slu...

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3. Immortal's Solitude

"What an interesting animal:; Who, I mean what are you? You're not one of us; That's for sure"; Poor ignorant fools; Gaze upon me; I know to your boring lives; It's very interesting to see; This stren...

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4. Tears Of Regret

A seldom fair struggle between the strong and weak; Even absolute beginners are playing hide and seek; Chasing on each other in a race of love and hate; A race that never ends until time says it's too...

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5. The Emperor's Curse

Have I seen too much of this world? No; But I think I've seen enough; And what I saw I don't like; [Servus:]; From the top of the mountain; He is watching his frozen field; Harvesters of sorrow; Are d...

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6. The Gray Waste

The sky is gray, the sun is black; Another day for me in this empty no-place; My life will soon fade from this cursed shell; And now that my soul is out of trace; Regret is the only thing that I can f...

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