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1. All In

I kinda miss some of my friends; I haven't seen them around; But that doesn't get me down; I try not to be misunderstood; You know sometimes it's hard to stay cool; And I know I should; But that doesn...

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2. Big Mouth

I got to tell you how I feel; I'm breaking up the deal; Cuz I just had enough; I know you are a thankless fool; The joke is on you; Man, you just talk too much; You are a phony hypocrite; You'll never...

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3. Cotton Candy

I'll try to put all in this letter; Don't know anything 'bout you; We could talk about the weather; Don't know if we'll meet someday; And I hope that I'll have something to say to you; I'm here again ...

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4. Every Move A Picture

Do you remember all those days gone by? In our messy house, across the street; You had my dedication, I had your eyes; We didn't need much to make us pleased; Look how we were crazy, you look so divin...

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5. Grown Not Made

You know about everything we've been through; And I realize that we'll never feel lost again; We'll never feel lost again; You know all the things that we faced; And I feel that I don't regret anythin...

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6. I Wonder

I close my eyes; You're still there; You talk to me; In my head; I just have to let go; I wonder; I wonder; I just have to let go; I wonder; I wonder; You haunt me; You're a ghost; I feel your scent; ...

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7. In Between The Lines

I just can't understand; Why I'm feeling so tired; I remember all the things I did; And I really can't complain; Nothing used to get me down; But I know I'm not a liar; Sometimes I can not disguise; T...

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8. Lady Grace

She tries to clean the dust; That has accumulated for years; In spite of broken dreams; Although her eyes were full of tears; She tries to concentrate; And not get carried away by despair; There's not...

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9. Mismatch

She wants to try again; He wants to find himself; She no longer disagrees; He's looking for someone else; She will save the best for last; He will always try to compromise; She will try to do her best...

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10. Neon & Pills

I don't know how I got here; I'm feeling displaced, I'm feeling kinda weird; I don't know what am I doing wrong; (I'm) not on the right track, I wanna be alone; I'm pretty sure I'm not from here; I'm ...

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11. Suicide Mission

She's got the devil's heart; She messed with my head; And left me an anxious wreck; She makes me lose my mind; I give her all my time; She eats my soul, I'm hers; She's got the cure for my disease how...

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12. The Plan

Wrap your legs around her head; I put my tongue inside your mouth; You are sitting on the bed; While she's lying belly down; We can't make to much noise to avoid; Waking up who lives below; We can lie...

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13. Trip The Light Fantastic

I look into your face; You show me all your grace; You look inside my eyes; I look around the place; I pull you up to me; There is no room for fear; I look inside your eyes; There is no place for tear...

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