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1. Centuries Of Me

From the unconsciousness, final laceration of the abysm; I’ve felt beyond the depths of terror; Slid in ever paler streams, viscera or paths; Sneak traces: worms or tumor; Limbs texture fargile aeons;...

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2. Flesh Is Apocalypse

The key to avoid the dark; Is set your fleshes ablaze; Brood of same abortion; A new form of inhuman life is generating hate; Glowin' hammer in my torn hand; Is tool of a transmutation art; As absence...

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3. Heretical Forbidden Genesis

Dissonances within embraces of frail architecture of light; Enshroud me with their immortal drape; Stars are tearing in astral carnage; Rippin' claustrophobic skies; Edges enshrine shreds of reality; ...

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4. Theuthian

Blumaza, Bnaspol, Bobogel; Bralges, Blisdon, Bornogo; Sun entranced reveals; Far beyond perfection, consonance and... light; Hic et nunc, we are creating natures; But still praying for in-existence ex...

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5. Venatoris Plenilunium

Illud tenebrae celat, amentis timeant, Quia erunt insani in meam potestatem venient; Innumerabilis victimae qua non necavisse sciam; Concurrite, debiles, ad caecam silvam:; Nox ostendit arcana mortali...

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