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1. All I (ever Wanted)

Our last kiss was the last time I felt like me; And the hardest thing I ever had to do; was standing looking at you leaving; I can not forget your smile and; The way you looked me in the eyes; Please ...

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2. As Far As I Go

They said I was a wise man; But only a fool in the end would lose it all; If only we lost what we had and it was goodbye; But still there is something more to say; And I have not changed my mind; The ...

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3. Child

Shes just a child; Shes caught red handed caring about the little things; Careless and free; She looks at me with a smile on her face; Its so clear; That her fears will never be erased; From her mind;...

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4. Didn't I

I guess; That you are just better than me; Throwing pennies my way; Is free charity; Come and play; But behave; Theres no way you can stay; Our fate was decided long ago; Our fate has decided; You sho...

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5. Have I Changed?

There are so many things that even if I'm wrong, You would not understand. I can not forget even though you've been really strong.. In a battle with myself I could not get up even after I fell down; I...

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6. Highway

The highway never looked so empty on a saturday to me; Before i start to compromise; My insanity; I turn the radio on; I turn the radio up; And i lose my mind; I realize; Im alone; Guess ive got no co...

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7. I Am

Last night when you called me; I wasn't out with any other girl; And i wanted you to know that i care; As my true love or as friends it all depends on the benefits that you give me; Why wont you kiss ...

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8. I've Bin Thinking

I've bin thinkin; I've bin wondering; If i had to go; Would you know; How i feel; Sometimes i am shy; Hiding from you my mind; Hiding from you whats real; Concealing from you know just how i feel; Som...

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9. Inspiration

the song of an angel; she sings to me in the morning; have you heard the prophets preach; do you hear the children calling; she breathes to me a love song; and she unmasks her pain; to you i say that;...

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10. Marvelous 3

These marvelous 3; Singing hit songs to me about wastin time; Way(mon) fell far from his tree; He came from heaven; Could you hear me; Singing; About troubled times and copperlines; Kurt cobain and su...

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11. My First Mistake

and she speaks out loud; and she speaks outright; the only difference; is in who we are tonite; and she waits outside; knock knock; she cries; its cold out here; but a little to warm inside; the real ...

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12. Own Little World

People have called me crazy; People have called me blonde; You never cease to amaze me; What planet are you on; I'm on cloud 9 again; Going out of my mind again; But the voices in my head are telling ...

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13. Pillow

Caught you on the telephone; You've got a little; Pillow for me to lie on; Don't need you anymore; To save me from myself; Once again; Don't care for your worries; Don't care for your blues; I don't; ...

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14. Running Away

Steve sits at the bar; Not too far from the first friend hes seen; Its bin a long time; Have you bin around; You look troubled; Steve cries and then he replies; Can i help you; Have i ever helped you ...

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15. Where To Stand

I came across some time; and I wondered what it might be worth; was looking for some room; I knew its what I needed most of all; You could be my perfect melody; If you give me the chance I know; I wil...

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