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1. At The Red Light

Refrain :; Waiting at the red light; I bite my lips and hold on tight; My scream's so loud; But can you hear tears in a crowd; Oh please Mary; Don't ask me up you're killing me; The night's so bright;...

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2. Bombshell

she's (she's) she's a bombshell; down in south Oakland, off east 14th its raining; six a.m. on sunday and the bums are praying; met her at a party we were drunk now were sober; she said its cold got a...

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3. Desperate

So desperate, you were dying all alone. I found an injured kitten far away from home. Hurt since nature asked him to do it right, You've never had the choice, chasing an untouchable light. You went ou...

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4. Ever Since

Ever since you've looked down on me. I've seen the hate right through your eyes. You robbed the self-esteem I had. You made me feel like a no-good man. I've tried to focus on my fault. I've screamed t...

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5. Hardway

I cannot wear a smile cuz today I'm getting older. I'd like to live my life without responsabilities. And not pay my goddamn bills for the rest of my existence. I'm not too sure if one day I'll get ma...

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6. The Glory Trial

Another cop, another lie, another kid beaten for another good reason. What can we do for equality when the government fakes to be blind to see? There's no justice in our society cuz redemption is too ...

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7. The Sun Won't Rise Today

2 a.m. I still hear your laughs; Count 'em but it won't make you come back; Forever never lasts... I'm fucking drowning in my tears; Nailed to the floor, facing my fears; This time you made it real......

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8. Too Far

Maybe we should ask ourselves, Maybe we should talk. Don't tell me your good enough; With your angry racist stuff. How can you judge a man; By the way he dresses up? Just because we're not like you, I...

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9. We Strongly Failed

2, 3, core... ; Still yesterday, things were easier to support. Our skin is burning; It's time to pay. There's no escape, no goddamn door. I'm staring at the fucking machine. And I wonder how we've go...

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10. Without Bombs

Sitting alone, a big haze runs in my eyes. The clock seems to laugh, laugh at me. So far from this mindless brainwashing. I'd rather be somewhere else with someone else. ; I'm tired of this boring rou...

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