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1. Beaten Senseless

I see that you never learn; This time the lesson is free; You've fucked with the wrong man; And it damn sure is the last time; CHORUS:; I'm gripping a pipe; And you're defenseless; White knuckle tight...

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2. Denim Stallions

Iron eagles flying high, lightning fires up the sky; We have arrived to challenge the thunder; We are raw and we are rough, wearing jeans and looking tough; You will be crushed under the hammer; We're...

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3. Human Warhead

The lust for destruction rules my brain; My hands were created to inflict pain; Breathe in the anger, breathe out the fear; Meaning of life has always been clear; I break through the walls and destroy...

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4. Let's Die

Madness stored inside a mind; Inside an enchained human body; Hatred building up; Higher and higher; No more stray jackets; No more fucking ties; I think i'm ready to; 1, 2, 3, 4; Explode! Let's Die!!...

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5. Nailgun Attack

I'm armed with anger; and loaded with hate; full belt of nails; ready to annihilate; ATTACK! ATTACK! Prepared to kill; I fire at will; No time left to cry; Kiss your ass goodbye; Nailgunner; The aveng...

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6. Nuklear Tormentor

I have the right; for final solution; Full access for weapons; of mass destruction; Hot winds from hell wipe out all life; I masturbate while watching you all die; If it doesn't burn; it will be pollu...

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7. On Deadly Ground

Skull piercing; Auto-fire action; Your death for peace; Unwanted; Body ventilation; Blood sprayed on me; I am out of breath; With bleeding eyes; I'm seeing red; This is total fucking death; Point of E...

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8. Shortcut To Hell

Roaring horsepowers make you feel the power; Ten thousand RPM, time to release the clutch; Tires burning, soon it's one hundred miles an hour; Need for speed never satisfied, let the others bite the d...

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9. Urban Machinegun Massacre

always knew i could never conform; to your society, your weak set of rules; but no one knew where this could lead; from misanthrophy to horrible deeds; rush hour, masses moving down the street; i'm wa...

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