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1. Clarity

I'm crawling; Through the ashes; I'm searching; For my sin; Such clarity; Inside hysteria; Now I brake away; From all the pain; Now that the picture is clear; I'm looking through the eyes of a dead ma...

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2. Divine Perspective

The silence is so deafening; I can't hear my thoughts; I can't help but to feel this way; Because no-one understands; Millions of souls passing by; No-one stops to look; Even if they did, Their eyes a...

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3. Freedom

Burn the ancient theory; That has fucked us for centuries; Light the massive torch; Illuminate insanity; Burn the flag; Full of blood and tears; The only party; Should be freedom; Burn that flag right...

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4. Gallery Of Scars

It's embedded in my dreams; No reasons left to fight for; This feeling I can't let go; I can't control it; It's all gone, the fire; The light inside has died; This chilling sensation that feels; Like ...

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5. Mankind

He gave us fire; We scorched the sun; What has been made we have undone; Once again we chose the path; And forsaken ourselves; One step of mankind; Into a lifeless desert; One more into the darkness; ...

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6. My Best Art

Entering these burned gates; Shaving myself with a mirror; A broken piece of a mirror, A broken piece, a bloody face. ; When you look inside, Do you like what you find; Or do you close your eyes; And ...

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7. Obstacles

You're always somewhere around; Censoring my every thought; Always threading my ground; Trying to change my path; You know you're wasting your time; Trying to change me; You're putting me down, keepin...

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8. Pain Remains

I can't seem to find peace in my mind or the will to live on; Inside I'm falling apart, breaking to peaces, my soul shatters; Why I can't shut my eyes without seeing you and your fucking smile; Words ...

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9. Promised Land Neverland

You promised us a promised land; We followed you through desert sand; You made us think that you're the one; We believed in things you said would be done; You fed us with lies and yourself with wine; ...

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10. Redrum

Redrum; Silent battles being fought perpetually; No winners no losers, futility; Images melding unconsciously; Until the stone begins to bleed; The only constant thing being change; Mind alters to rec...

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