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1. Broken Down

Every time I look above; No shooting starts in my sight; I´m just a waste of good human material; I just let my life go down the drain; All I need is a bottle of gasoline; It doesn’t matter if I´m mel...

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2. Evil Deeds

You should beware; Evil deeds you pursue; When you fall asleep; I´ll creep next to you; Silence falling; Better you, never me; When you fall asleep; I´m still awake; Silence falling over you; You´ll g...

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3. Eyes Wide Open

Shivering I stand; Obtrusive noise nearing; Faces passing by, among the others I hide; Your eyes fell on me, your glance, so cold; I´d love to see you lying; Eyes wide open; Feel my remedy; I wish you...

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4. Fragile Side

Words don´t mean nothing to me; Just a diablerie to lie to get inside my head; Pain is all I get from these motherfuckers; Who won´t stop trying to show; Things I have heard before; Things that should...

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5. Hollow Syndicate

Outdoors, infiltrating the inner side; Indoors, finding a place to hide; Control, they follow behind me; Collision, with unknown; Trail to subjection; I won´t tell them why; They won´t tell me why; Th...

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6. Like I'd Care

Just a wounded soul; That's left to go on by myself; Just shattered remains of all that I have left; Burnt, broken, dead inside; Nothing to lose; Every time I fly high; You bring pitch black skies; (T...

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7. Next Infinity

I watch you come in to my circle; See you as my redeemer; I hear you shouting in my head; See me as your friend; You´re setting my life to next infinity; Beyond the haze you force me to stay; Don´t wa...

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8. Prolong Your Fate

From nowhere they appear, so blown up, fake they are; Just a shell – astray inside; So high they fly, just pretenders with empty lives; Preaching meaningless words to survive; Swells with pride, fool´...

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9. Reflecting My Descent

Destroying myself, I never feel love again, only hate; Meet my world, confused and cold; I am not afraid to kill, I am not afraid to die; Witness my madness and pleasure; Taste my world and say goodby...

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10. Shining Throne

Like a swiftly blowing wind; I´m after you to take another win; Don´t run away from me; It´s a dead-end you´ll never pass; Never! I only take what is mine; Let your spirit follow my sign; Don´t resist...

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11. World Domination

Tell me what you see; Is it just dream or fantasy? Tell me what you feel; Is it just hate or bitterness? Release all your emotions; Make them dominate; Tell me what you fear; Is it just your imaginati...

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