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1. Bleed Forever

It feels tight; An aggression, naked skin colored red and bright; Is it failure of minds? Or a matter you always feared to declare as right? Hear their cries – your pathetic mental world stated: numb-...

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2. Dirty – Colored – Knife

Comes as a dirty colored knife; Bright in mirrors' gray; One by one, a symbolized blood, reflected pits of pain; With these eyes, mesmerized, by power infection that brutally died; Hours, another dime...

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3. Elastic

Time passes as only time knows how; Scared tissue always stays scared and out of sight; Don't seek comfort in my arms tonight; There is no care left in me; Elastic we, with vanity I scream upon the sk...

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4. Emblazed

Synthetic flesh, sinful virtual life; Reflected picture of perished strife; Deranged, your mind, as you can't swallow pain; For pain there are a thousand ways to... They point their finger once again;...

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5. Impure

Hours surrounded by the codes of despair; Touch the skin, embrace the tears of farewell; Spirits' infection was under the roar; Fingers touched a broken glass, wounded & cold; The razor, are we to fee...

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6. Inhuman Conditions

For this I declare as bleeding hope; Where skin touch skin with a frozen mind; For this I declare as bleeding soul; Where skin screech skin in the frozen sun; Gathered for altering the elements of hop...

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7. King Obscenity

A king of obscene delights, a hopeless life; A sick attempt to perpetuate grimation; The torment built in me, I took no fright; When the time is right the cracks will start to break it down, down! So ...

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8. Last Nail

Knife will cut your flesh; Sinful hateful crime; Touch the colored knife; Clock is ticking back; With obscene delight; In my arms tonight... ; Ripping all their minds; To your own demise; Paint your g...

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9. Mental Coffin

Come winds of time, come swallow us; Spitting out our hatred, burned and found the past; No goddamn sun reflects in no goddamn light; A fevered circle, each day and night; The beautiful wounds from wi...

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10. My Wallow

I've told you once and I'll tell you again; The game that you play only brings pain; Make up your mind, put my care to an end; I want to hate you but I really can't; The stare you gave me was full of ...

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11. Under The Spell

I know.., clock is ticking back I know; Those pictures in my mind; Were chained upon a chain of blood hypnotic wounded feelings from my mind; Her eyes to see; Idolize my pain inside our veins I check ...

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