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1. A Crystal Delirium

A Crystal Delirium; Across the waters blind sirens fly; Waving their crystal scales; Oh delirium ! My mind's so frail; My body dressed in sharp cold nails; A soporific whirlpool of fever and dread; Sa...

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2. Bloodstained Carnival

Bloodstained Carnival; ; Green eyes hypnotizing the astral rites; Fired by a grey-cratered sun; The blackness of her dress; Luciferian mistress; Hiding the jewelled knife; Snaking, within the crowd sh...

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3. Ligeia (immortality Through Crime)

Ligeia (Immortality through Crime); She spread the wings of her languidness; through the nightshadows charming; The moon wept each birth of dawn; Her soft marbled skin; And red velvet lips; A dark nym...

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4. Ochre Mantle Stare

Ochre Mantle Stare; Light springs in her shadowy eyes; Like greenshire moons exploding the skies; Wide-opened portals of pure essence; Towards the ochre mantle shrouding her stare; Desecrated canvas o...

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5. Sibylla

Sibylla; Behold the palace and it's scared princess; Ravens flooding the skies; An endless funeral of dimensions and times; unleashes her cosmic distress; Night is falling in unmeasurable majesty; Sta...

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6. The Teardrop Fall

The Teardrop Fall; In the forest; where the green and sinister luxuriance; engulfs the rays of light; and climbing plant scale the walls of fortresses; Raced by the pass of centuries; The old trunks e...

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