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1. Fearless

Often in life you see no light; especially when you need it; Far away in dreams so clear; things always seem to fear; Hand of faith is catching you; desperately going loose; Find a way to go on in lif...

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2. Livin' In America

Got ourselves on a westbound aeroplane; Headed to the land of oportunity; Lookin´ forward to be back in golden state; You can breath the air of liberty; Life is different in America; Big and light an ...

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3. Rockabilly

He took off his Blue Suede Shoes; Kinda new somehow but now outa use; He no longer combs his hair; The way he used to when he was where; He had thought he’d be for the rest of his life; but Look at hi...

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4. Rollin' In Dough

I´m not a Killer myself; I do know how to behave; In fact I am a nice guy; You might have heared something else; My reputation is bad; Allthough I never had; No trouble with law and order; Twenty tons...

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5. Surf-song

You know I´ve allways been the shy and; Unobtrusive friendly kind of boy; That noone knows; I was a staight-A-student never; Causing any trouble- no complains; You think that shows; Even nerds know ho...

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6. Tangerine

Don´t know when I got on board; But the moment that it started; Slowly climbing uphill; Takin´ me to the top; Where will it lead us; now I can´t seem to stop; I don´t wanna stop I don´t wanna stop; It...

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7. Vampire Weekend

The thought of solid food; Makes your stomach cramp and you; Are sure your body will reject; Ev´rything but liquid goods; The sunlite hurts your eyes; So you crawl back into bed; You tell yourself – t...

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