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1. Chained

I wish I was stronger; I wish I was wiser than right now; Can't wait any longer; For you to tell me you'll always be around; But I know something ain't right, your love has locked me so tight; I got t...

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2. I'll Make a Man Out Of You Yet

I don't believe in superstition; Or in soul mates at first glance; I don't care about your star sign; Or in a fairy tale romance; Cause love is serious, love is dangerous; Love's worth fighting the fi...

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3. Insatiable

I saw your face and that was enough; I turned away and my whole world shook; Took a minute to take some time and catch my breath; When I'm inside your arms; This racing in my heart; I'll never come to...

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4. Lullaby

I can't helo but stare at your shirt on the chair; It's been watching me cry for weeks; And I can still see your face watching my heart brake; In the pictures of you and me; And I can't help listen to...

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5. My Sexy Love Affair

Baby, come on take a ride. You don't have to decide; We'll go wherever, let's go! Huuh! Roof top down and music up; Let's find a hidden spot, let our feelings take control. ; So sweet, you got what I ...

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6. Natural

Washed my face in the stream, the water was freezing; You were staring at me, I knew I was dreaming; I was walking alone, looking into the sunrise; Then I felt overwhelmed, I was looking through your ...

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7. Put Your Hands Up

Hello, there's something that you wanna tell me; And I know you always look at me so naughty; But don't go cause I'mma gonna keep you company; We'll be the masterpiece; Don't stop me boy you can't kee...

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8. Raw

I was numb, was someone I didn't know; Locked away so afraid i was too exposed; Couldn't see, wouldn't feel, couldn't make a connection; With no control I was low then i saw your face; You were true t...

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9. Red Light

Red Light (Red light...); Re-ed Light (Red light...); Stopped at the red light. You're playing hendrix and lighting up; I caught your attention trying my best to seem amused; Living the good life, wit...

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10. Rumors

Falling so far from the truth; Playing catch up with no room; For me, to breathe; We know better than their lies; They have no right to criticise; Were always free; Don't wanna walk away; Cause everyt...

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11. Runnin'

I, I used to hide away; from anything that I, I thought would hurt me; I, I used to find my way; cause not everything will always burn me; Each time I get closer I pushed it all away, but we get the; ...

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12. Sweetest High

Whenever you're gone gone; They way at the door and everything's hurting like; A bore; In the ocean fills like I am gonna drown; Someone save me someone has got to save me now; I am hunger for your en...

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13. Unbroken

Do I belong? Is this ok? This emptyness surrounds me everyday; Is this what it costs to keep heartache at bay? Have I been fooling myself into thinking I don't wanna stay; And am I afraid; That loving...

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14. You Are The One

First boy I was with for 6 years; We had a lotta good times and a lotta tears; Till he asked me to be his forever; And I said we can't be together; Second time I made sure he was playboy; Cause all I ...

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