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1. Casanova

Seems that he can’t escape from his mind; It’s playing hide and seek; Peace of mind sure he will never find; He’s ever been a freak; The beast inside has taken over; He’s on the hunt again; Thinks to ...

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2. Demonfear

Religiously fanatic; Act of god’s will; There’s no use to deny it; Truly evil; Those thought to be in league with; Burn on the pile; If you’re a non-believer; You’ll burn in hell; Fear becomes the let...

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3. Insanity Speaks

An accident in ancient times; Divided the world in two; Symbolic stand two gleaming stones; One evil the other good; The words spoken by the insane; Now this is our fate to be; Decide direction of the...

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4. Too Late

Forward on this avenue; Where the trees bear no leaves; Too dark is the way we choose; Harvest fruits of deceit; Now winter is closing in; Over this planet earth; Do you now regret your sins? There wi...

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