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1. Gates Of Hell

Everything around us seems so dark; far away from morning light. Angels looking for God's mark; Everything now looks so pure; filled with bright hope. The gates opened before my eyes; and hope in the ...

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2. Lands Of Grimness And Frost

Far beyond the blackened horizon, Far beyond the light. Where sun no longer rises, Where lies eternal night. ; There is something in those woods, Living in the dark, Waiting for our blood, Waiting for...

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3. Legacy Of Winter

Wind is blowing cold, Fog is rising from the woods, our home is now embraced with cold, The winter breeze came above our land. ; This grimness has shown it's teeth, Everything around seems to be dead,...

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4. Volcano Eruption

Soil is shaking, trambling in fear; smell of sulpur tells you it's near; the vicious force of nature, awaken after years of sleep; ; dust and smoke block the sunlight; condemning the landscape to chil...

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