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1. Aint That Bad

You were the one to keep my tears from falling down; By telling me I could go, no hope is gone; So I sing to you this song, yes I do; Like water flowing from the heart into the soul; You were the one,...

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2. Beauty

oooooh yea; yea yea yeaaaa; oh oh oh ohh; beauty can get em; but it sure cant keep em; [ verse 1: ]; you can have the prettiest skin; prettiest eyes; prettiest smile with the thickest thighs; and a se...

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3. Breakin' The Law

(Spoken); Whatchu doin' right now? Imma come pick you up; Yeah, let's go for a ride; We're gonna break the law; Verse 1; Tryna do 65, baby but cha body won't let me; Cuz you're so damn tight; and I wa...

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4. Coming From The Heart

[verse 1]; dont even wanna think about it think about losing you come on now just forget about it i dont no wat i'll do your the color in my picture the reason for my song your my sun light in early d...

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5. Don't Take Your Love Away

I’m sorry for what I did baby; Would you please come back to me; I damn know what I did; I’ll never do you wrong again; Listen up; Sitting here and I’m thinking ‘bout; All the good times that we had; ...

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6. Freakin' You (set The Mood)

Now that I got ya wantin me in the worst way; Thought I’d get freaky girl startin with some foreplay; Let me know if you’re ready; Cause it’s about to get dirty; Wanna have a party with your body and ...

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7. I Miss You

[intro]; Gave me life; Gave me all my hope and dreams; Oh sweet mama; and now I realize; All the joy you’ve put inside of me; Oh; [chorus]; I miss you; And I want you to know that; I miss you; I reall...

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8. Issues

[Chorus]; Can We Try To Work Out; Its no need to scream and shout; Lets make this love and turn it around; Cuz we got issues; [Verse 1:]; You can tell me that you love me; And make it sound so sweet; ...

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9. No... Say No

Look, I need to talk to you to tell you what I'm bout to do. And I need your help to stop me cuz I gotta girl at home that loves me. ; Boy, I got myself in a tight situation, bout 5'5" long hair with ...

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10. Pillow Talk

(Spoken); Good Mornin' Baby; I hope you had a good time last night; Check it out; Verse 1; So tasty like a chocolate covered candy; All I wanna hear you tell me, is that I'm yo man; Girl, don't you kn...

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