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1. Abattoir

Death is on its wings; Riding you like a plague; The clock is ticking; Your life will fade; This nightly realm; Is void of your God; Cannot hide; Cannot deny; Cannot turn away; Cannot pray; You are lo...

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2. Back To The Hotel

V-town, brother check it out, i'm by the dope town; Dick in hand, you shoulda had your toke down; A little city, chillin in the north bay; Needless to say, my boyz don't play fool; Yo que sabo, you kn...

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3. Death To Them All

Parasites; Not worthy of life; Let them be mangled; In their own demise; Hate; Hate; Hate; Hate; Dance to the rhythm; Of necks when they break; Death to them all; Death to them all; Watch them bleed; ...

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4. Do Tha Crew

[ VERSE 1: Jay Tee ]; They'll pay your for that donkey; If you know how to rap and get funky; But if yo shit don't sound good; I guess yo dick gotta stay on wood; But me (What's up?) I get mine (Ah-ha...

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5. Flames Of The Pit

In the blood soaked mud; Left to die unknown; Deceiving propaganda; Your love will not reach home; The trench you dug; Your grave without a stone; Surrender to death; And hand in your head; Life that ...

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6. Murder

Thought you were indestructible; But now you have lost all control; Before this night is over; You will feel the power; Of my knife carving away at your gut; The blood gushes; Your life is fading; No ...

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7. Pallbearer

Pale skin lifeless eyes; Blood running from their mouths; Gaping sounds, scabs and sores; Skin hanging from their bones; I am alone; No one can see me; No one knows; The darkness within me; Death is w...

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8. Perfect Hate

I am god's cancer; I am the hunter; Where ever you are you will be found; Potential is all around; In a slow pace you crawl; A trail of blood and skin; Marks your downfall; Tell me of your tortures; I...

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9. Silence The Earth

Like a raging fire; Consuming the remnants of life; The final holocaust; Swept across all land; Silence fell; Upon the earth; All gods were dead; We killed them first; Twilight fell; Upon the earth; T...

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10. The Dead

Laughter; Like thunder from the sky; Attacked by all armies; Deprived of their lives; Vengeance; Spawned by their hatred; Twice as pure as blood; Now more than ever before; We saw death; Cried out for...

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11. Trail Of Blood

Strapped down to the table; Unable to move; Face covered; Unable to see; The stereo on to muffle your screams; Selected for reasons; Unknown to you; Abducted dead before; The night is through; Shocked...

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12. Werewolf

Inescapable darkness draws us in; It is here the unspeakable; Murder will be consummated; Nothing is ever quiet here; Nothing ever changes; But the end is near; And we will have reached our destinatio...

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13. Worthy Exit

Fall into the pit; Close your eyes; Leave the world; Behind you; Eternal darkness waits; Make the final leap and fall; Excitement builds; Blood flows; Gasping for air; Choking on your blood; Your bone...

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14. Ya Gotta Go

K-Lou, we're ready to record, man; So tell them broads they gotta cut out; (Hey man, they say they ain't goin nowhere till they hear you guys rap); Aight man, but we get done they gots to go; [ TL & J...

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