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1. Do You Believe

man there's this girl; what girl man? this girl i like, and whenever i'm around her; she makes me feel i don't know, different; why don't you just tell her how you feel? coz i'm afraid she won't belie...

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2. Girl Like That

See her everyday about noon; in the lunchroom; chillin at the table with her friends; they don't act cool; she never gives me the time of day; says I'm cute but; I'm only in the seventh grade; But I l...

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3. Happy Father's Day

Verse 1: (Lloyd); Dad I'm sending you this letter to let you know; I've been thinking 'bout you; All the kids at school are ready for the holidays; That's when I really miss you; If it's not too much ...

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4. Lisa Lisa

Met this girl named Lisa on the 1st day of school; Didn't have much to say because I was being cool; Had this funny feeling all day long; That she's the only one for me, I gotta put it on; Should I ju...

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5. Now You're All Alone

Girl you say that I have always been the one; You always wanna but you never let me know; You've seen my video, i'm on the radio; And now it's all about me; But when I step to you; You step away from ...

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6. Ready

Baby, I'll take it for you, but I don't wanna rush it; There's somethin' that you touched I ain't ready for; ¡®Cause the moment I saw you I knew I wanted to call; you; And ask you, "Baby, please just ...

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7. Ready (album Version)

Verse 1: Baby I'm checkin' for you, But I don't wanna rush you into somethin' that you just aint ready for; Cause the moment I saw you; I knew I wanted to call you and ask you baby please could you be...

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8. Roses R Red

Just to know that I will see you today; Makes me wake up early just to see your face; Makes that bus ride to school seem A-okay; Girl, i've never felt this way; I've never been in love to know just ho...

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