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1. An Egyptian Tale

There are some mysteries; Around tha egyptian civilization; Legends about their customs; And of the power of the pyramids; Over that people; One man searched for the power; And for a long time; He stu...

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2. Endless Search

He was a man; Just trying to find the reason for this life; And through decades of his time; He searched for the universal secrets; He became a wise man; For a long time studing hard; All the olds boo...

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3. Into the Buried Pyramid

When I discovered the pyramid; The sky became black; And a sand storm fell from the sky; In front of the right foot of sphinx; One dark hole appeared; in front of my eyes; And the slaves took flight i...

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4. Meu Amor Por Ti

Hoje eu estou aqui; Para poder te provar; Que tudo que eu senti; Não era para acabar. ; Só quis te ver sorrir; Não pude imaginar; Que ia te fazer sofrer; E te fazer chorar; E aos poucos acabar o que e...

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5. Prisioner of Eternity

In the grave of the pharaoh; I fell the pain in my mind; And now I have this shine in my eyes; When the long way echoes touch me; And to each vision of futura reality; One light turn off in my destiny...

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6. The Curse

I listened to that words; But I didn't belive in them; Did I come from a distant country; Just to take a place of dead man? I was smiling, but I stopped; Because I saw my hands; I saw my hands turned ...

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7. The Journey

He traveled to Egypt; Bought a lot of slaves; To work in the escavation; And nomads'caravan; To guide him through the desert; And they crossed the desert; In two weeks (finally!); They arrived in that...

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8. The Royal Crypt

I arrived into the royal crypt; Opening a heavy stone door; The crypt was round and great; Full of stranger and colossal stone idols; ... ; In the center of the crypt; I saw an altar; And in the top o...

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9. The Sphinx

In the splendor of a lost time; She reigned on this land; Today her eyes look na empty sunrise; And her realm is under the sand; The Sphinx is here; And men come and go; But here the wind will blow; A...

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