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1. Abby’s Song

Sleep little baby; Stay at peace; I'll play when you wake up; I'll be waiting while you dream; Smile for me; Laugh out loud for me; Take my hand; And we'll cross the street; Run, dance and sing; You p...

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2. Anything I Can Dream

I'm stuck inside these four walls; But really they're not walls; I think I can knock 'em down; With one good kick; The people here dress straight laced; And really they're all the same; Please tell th...

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3. Crossfire

Throw down your books; Trade in your thoughts; For the sweet smell of failure; I'm not one to dream; But look at me now; I'm caught in the breeze of life; And love; The crossfire of hatred; And life; ...

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4. Deafening Silence

Indecision; Outward movement; Feel the rhythm; Every moment; Each impression; Primordial digression; Take a lesson; From the heart that is eternal sunrise; Me; You; We're looking very weary now; Me; Y...

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5. Deception

Pure as white; But black as night; Such skilled entertainers; For us all; We who sit and stare; Are we at peace or simply scared; Of all that's not being said; Scared of all ending up dead; Like the o...

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6. Late Night Salvation

Late night salvation; Your radio station; Numbing the pain that you feel; It's only in silence you hear someone calling; Only in song can you heal; Watching a record; Skipping a line; Painting your mi...

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7. My River Flows

My river flows; To where I cannot see; My fortune goes; To where I'm supposed to be; Walking alone; Into the space; Thin lines of light; Pierce the darkness of this place; In the air I went down with ...

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8. Rose Colored Lenses

I said I'd never wait for you to call; But you let me down this time; You never understood how I could love you; Don't punish me for this crime; And I will leave you to be; What do your rose coloured ...

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