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1. Aphrodite Of Hatered

[Lyrics: Warzlav]; Annihilating midnight; Whose tunes were breeding within? When Thou wast awaken'd; I'll aspire on black wings; Away from that curs'd place; Where Thou hast died; Who shalt be waiting...

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2. Benighted At The 9th Gate

[Lyrics: Morkh]; The fourth ignited star did fall another time; So flamingly enlightening my raptur'd eyes; The daggers drew their paths upon my skin; Thus showing triumphant unlight; Foreseen eternit...

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3. Cold Kingdom

[Lyrics: Warzlav]; I see the tears of enthralling silence; I hear its cold soundless; might; It watches me from peaks of reachless mountains; And I cognizes the verges of its bottomless being; In the ...

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4. Floods Of Thy Might

[Lyrics: Raattent/ Lyrical concept: Morkh]; Lost in the woods answers I seek; The gateway to all, the entrance shalt rise; before me; 'Tween two sacred firs I step forward... to Thee; O vigilant fores...

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5. I Am Of The Serpent

[Lyrics: Raattent/ Lyrical concept: Morkh]; "You all are flesh that hath of my blood appear'd; Your words to me bespoken hath the eery clash; with light betokened"; Where all pagan paths cross; Where ...

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6. The Origin

[Lyrics: Morkh]; Milleniums turn to sand; Behesting the souls of the ashes; begrim'd; Vague dreams of god dwell within them all; Head for the depths, for the widths, for the times; His poetry landscap...

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7. The Profound

[Lyrics: Morkh]; Swart suns' throne my flesh doth skrew; 'Midst the stellar wisdom seas; How bittersweet is the triumph's taste as I wend my way; The hidden stare beholdeth; Tenebrae of untime passing...

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8. Thou Art Incarnated Souls

[Lyrics: Morkh/ Based on E.F. Russel's "The Only Solution"]; He is alone in space where no one dwells; Neither voice nor whisper neither handgrasp; Nor other heart's warmth in the solitude of the; ecl...

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